Astrology for the soul february 7

By closing this banner or by continuing to use Eventbrite, you agree. For more information please review our cookie policy. In this presentation, an overview of Esoteric Astrology will be presented. When rightly understood and used, this ancient type of astrology is profoundly revealing. It has the power to uncover the hidden intention of the Soul within the context of a single incarnation. How this is done will be discussed. These hindrances to the Soul will be discussed, as well as techniques to rise above them.

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Refunds up to 7 days before event. Map and Directions View Map. Balance constructive self-criticism with healthy doses of self-acknowledgement. This time of year often produces the blues. See this investment as a way of paying some dues. Generally this is an expansive time for you, even though it requires more concentration than usual.

Taking the time and making extra effort to socialize is important as well. Aim to share your vitality and beauty for positive and pleasant returns. How can you get a lot done without leaving home? This may sound idealistic, but if you could you would. At least once you get home you will want to stay there. That does not mean you will be idle.

You are ambitious to get a lot done. This does not include catering to the whims of others. You have creative work to do and you mean business.

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Getting measurable returns for your efforts is on your mind. Beyond the usual routine, you are on a quest for answers. Keeping your confidence and enthusiasm levels high is part of the challenge. Knowing who you are and where you truly belong are lingering questions. This is a soul searching process.

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Meditate upon what that means. Getting clear on what is most important to you is a central theme now. This is prompting an experiential and experimental approach.

Astrology for the Soul February 8, 2017

You will poke and provoke to get new answers, insights and results, especially this week. Just be ready to receive some responses that challenge your comfort zone. This entire theme is a feature of a pioneering social expansion process. You are entering new territory. While you may feel a bit overwhelmed just now, your focus will sharpen over the coming weeks. Already your ambitions are spurred.

Your convictions will be strong and clear provided that you feel there is meaning and purpose in your chosen path. If you feel confused and conflicted now, seek counsel. A busy time behind the scenes continues. The kind of work depends on you. Your imagination is racing; make sure to keep it on a healthy track.

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  • Sometimes dealing with illness offers its own lessons and wisdom. Either way, you seek seclusion for a while. Attaining knowledge is featured. The prospects of future goals, dreams and ambitions are prime motivations. It was the second protester shot since the demonstrations began in early June.

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    This year exactly years to the day after the end of the First World War. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will soon appoint his new cabinet. The eastern U. The creators picked Nov. Elon Musk wants to put thousands of these Starlink satellites in orbit, to offer high-speed internet service everywhere.

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    The case targets systemic violence that forced more than , Rohingya Muslims to flee their country. Tip of the Week: Mercury Retrograde is back for the 1st of its tri-annual tours to tease and taunt and tickle our fancies. Aries Mar 21 — Apr 20 Your sights are set on the future. Taurus Apr 20 — May 21 As busy as you are and getting a lot of attention, you may be equally engaged and active behind the scenes. Gemini May 21 — Jun 21 Your social agenda of late is probably very full. Cancer Jun 21 — Jul 22 Managing a steady flow of changes continues. Leo Jul 22 — Aug 23 Opening yourself to new people and ideas is in the spotlight.

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    Virgo Aug 23 — Sep 22 Some cycles carry a heavier workload than others. Previous story Horoscope for the Week: January 31, Next story Experts battle growing online crime. East Kootenay?

    Astrology for the soul february 7
    Astrology for the soul february 7
    Astrology for the soul february 7
    Astrology for the soul february 7
    Astrology for the soul february 7
    Astrology for the soul february 7

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