Los angeles times horoscope december 8

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The lunar eclipse on the 20 th illuminates the path, which emphasizes community building. Can you be a better friend in ? A better neighbor? Reset your priorities to reveal a more dynamic you. Feel the love at home on the 21 st. And on the 29 th , expect a triple planetary alignment featuring your ruling planet Mercury, the Earth and the Sun. The trio will empower you to pursue the goal you set for Love hard.

Homes are verbs, not nouns. They constantly threaten to leak, crumble, and groan. Maintaining your abode takes self-sacrifice and commitment — two qualities supported for Libras this year. Every effort you put here will be rewarded. On January 1 st , your ruling Venus aligns with the Moon in your constellation, supporting self-discovery. This position supports harmony, setting the tone for the New Year.

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On the 20 th , the total lunar eclipse stirs up drama in your Community House. The intensity of your feelings will transcend petty emotions, and you will achieve clarity regarding an issue close to your heart. Libra hosts the last quarter Moon on the 27 th. Get ready to gab, Scorpions. Wax poetic all of January — the Saturn-Sun alignment supports dynamic expression, especially in the workplace.

A total lunar eclipse in your Career House will underscore your professional ambitions. You may suffer a minor freak-out. Breath, and see the opportunity before you. Your emotions will be so unfiltered that they highlight what you really want out of this year. Venus and Jupiter align on the 21 st. This is visible in Los Angeles.

Check it out in the early morning. Love, luck, and rebellion are promoted by this pairing. Fortune favors the bold. So, take a risk. Sagittarius hosts the powerful Sun-Saturn alignment that spans January, setting a theme of self-fulfillment for If you want to use all your talents, and find appreciation, this is the year, but it will take hard work. On the 2 nd , the Sun achieves perihelion, the closest distance we get to it all year. Avoid your usual vices. Discipline, baby! Go get some.

The lunar eclipse makes waves in your House of Transformation January 20 th. Death of the ego is intense, the ripples will be felt all year long. Go with it, and keep the faith.

You will end this year in a superior psychological state than you started with. Happy Birthday, Sea-Goat. As a present to you, your ruling Saturn aligns with the Sun for an entire month. Discipline yields transformation, and the entire zodiac will feel it. Since Saturn is the willpower planet, January supports ambition. Aim high, Archer. The path to success is made clear to you on the 20 th , when the total eclipse of the Moon lands in your Partnership House. Evaluate your romantic and business partners.

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You know what to do with dead weight. The month ends with a triple alignment when Mercury lands in your constellation, lining up with Earth and the Sun on the 29 th. The source of your power is at hand. Use it, and will be so much better to you than Happy New Year, Aquarius. The Zodiac has some resolutions picked out for you. Saturn and the Sun align for a sold month in your House of Friendship and Community, so put your efforts there. Be a good person, every day, and your selflessness will be rewarded.

The lunar eclipse lands in your Marriage House on the 20th. The resulting drama will illuminate the path forward. This eclipse, by the way, begins at p. Check it out. On the 22 nd , a Venus -Jupiter alignment will be visible in L. It brightens your Career Quadrant so expect an exciting professional opportunity. Increased status and responsibility will unlock your next level of self in Fancy a career change, Pisces?


If you want to swim in a new direction, this is your year. January favors the bold with a monthlong Saturn-Sun alignment. This pairing rewards discipline, so expect to work your tail off to get what you want. Your constellation hosts the First Quarter Moon on the 13 th. This lunar phase is associated with project building — specifically course correction — so fine tune your strategy for the year.

Apply the hard-won insights gained that day to improving your professional game. Study up on a few things to maximize your plan for world domination. This alignment will be visible in L. Get ready to tighten your belt, Snake Bearer. This pairing demands discipline, but yields generous rewards later in the year. Rumor has it you have been spending money like a sailor. Stop that. Start making your money work for you, and not the other way around. Your constellation hosts two Jupiter-Moon alignments — on the 2 nd and again on the 30 th — when your good heart is advised to be rebellious.

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If you have been a sloppy yogi, a flaccid warrior, or loosey goosey with your samurai code, please get your shit together. It should be beautiful. The month ends with a Moon- Venus alignment in your constellation January 31 st , reminding you that love is the only course of action. Taco Horoscope for December, In this realm, closer to spirit, we become more right-brain orientated.

It is dark, so other senses are heightened. We will feel extra sensitive here, psychic even.

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Everything will seem hyper-real… you will notice things you had overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent. There are danger spots though. Once we are over the threshold and into the Underworld, we can safely go about our business, knowing that we are in another realm. The same goes for when Mercury is stationing direct, just make sure you give your brain a few days to adjust back to solar thinking. There you will question everything.

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Before the retrograde is a good time to finish off those Solar left-brain projects and gather information to bring down with you into your retrograde cave. Then you can slow things down, let yourself be taken into other dimensions, try on different filters, experiment, shine a light on your demons, then recharge and reboot. Retrograde planets are a popular topic in astrology and there is some controversy about the general meaning. For example, Vedic astrologers see retrograde motion as a beneficial influence, while Western astrologers focus on the negatives, such as lost baggage or missing mail when Mercury is retrograde.

I prefer to interpret each retrograde phase based on the aspects and fixed stars from the beginning to the end of the retrograde cycle the shadow zone. Planets do not, of course, move backward, and the apparent reverse motion is due to the elliptical orbits of the earth and planets. Regardless of the astronomy, the main point is that from where we stand, planets DO appear to move backward from time to time so we should expect this to have some astrological effect on our lives. Generally, we feel the energy of retrograde planets in a more introspective or reserved manner than usual, and there may be a karmic theme or feeling of deja vu depending on the nature of the planet.

The feeling of deja vu may also be because the retrograde planet will go over a certain degree three times over.

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People who experience this feeling strongest will be those who have a key planet or angle at this spot. For example; Ones IC is hit three times and you are looking to move home. Hit 1 you may see the house you want to buy. Hit 2 Retrograde may be when you have to go through surveys and making sure everything is fine to buy it, this will mean re-evaluating finances, whatever you have to do you are always double checking.

Hit 3 maybe when you finally get the go-ahead to move and the issue is resolved. Retrogrades give us the chance to really get our teeth onto a matter because we are forced to go over old ground again and again. This may get frustrating and tedious, but ultimately it is very useful, for tackling something karmic we may have been avoiding and that we have to address once and for all. Susan Miller has a list of all the Mercury Retrogrades up until This is occurring in my 5th house and exactly conjunct my vertex at 27 degrees and is happening just after the new moon in my 5th house as well!

Hello, I would love to hear your thoughts on my natal Moon being at 18 degrees Scorpio in the 6th house. I have known that this was going to be a significant Mercury retrograde for me and after reading you article on the Cazimi moment, it has confirmed my suspicions. I do think a lot of things written about Mercury retro are fads, perhaps written by people who are just regurgitating what others have deemed and not thinking for themselves. I wrote that Daylight Savings Time ends on November 3rd. Spot on! Thank you for all you do!

I love these conversations! For those new to the concept of Cazimi: Normally, planets are impeded by their conjunction to the Sun unless they are Cazimi. However, Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio, so perhaps a focus on inner transformation vs. Perhaps an ah-ha moment will come through and you can be a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Ah-ha moments are also common at the time a retrograde planet stations direct. Hi Faith, Thanks for the prompt re: daylight savings. I have adjusted the times, but still have the date for cazimi as November the 11th not the 3rd. Last week I plucked up the courage to buy my domain name before the Merc retro pre-shadow started. On reflection it fits really well with my anti-mainstream thinking and dark subject matter themes I guess. But it happened spur of the moment as my then partner bought darkstarastrology.

So it happened by accident. It want planned at all.

los angeles times horoscope december 8 Los angeles times horoscope december 8
los angeles times horoscope december 8 Los angeles times horoscope december 8
los angeles times horoscope december 8 Los angeles times horoscope december 8
los angeles times horoscope december 8 Los angeles times horoscope december 8
los angeles times horoscope december 8 Los angeles times horoscope december 8
los angeles times horoscope december 8 Los angeles times horoscope december 8
los angeles times horoscope december 8 Los angeles times horoscope december 8
los angeles times horoscope december 8 Los angeles times horoscope december 8

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