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If anyone takes refuge in the Supernatural, it is certainly a matter of individual choice. But when important persons do so repeatedly, at State expense and poor people are intimidated to engage in expensive rituals, under threat of deadly outcomes, it is quite another matter, bordering on the criminal. It is not my intention to stir discord but to stimulate discussion or even demolition by a reasoned debate, in addition to falsification or ignorance displayed by this plunge into an unfamiliar area.

In any event, I stand to be corrected hopefully in civil language. There needs to be common sense, science and reasoning among the populace. Astrology, Caveat Emptor, but many buyers or suckers in Sr Lanka, as it is part of the culture and beliefs. No credible demonstrations, only beliefs. Astronomy is science, it has demonstrated evidence. Reason: is logic, and it sorts the untruth from truth. Reason has always been a problem for religions, because of inability to demonstrate afterlife, nirvana, nibbana, heaven hell, purgatory etc, as it was based on beliefs, imbibed by consistent brainwashing.

Ancient cultures such as Egypt used stellar observations to predict the changing seasons, and thus such things as the flooding of the Nile or the Vernal Equinox. But then, the astronomers grew over-confident and started predicting other things. That turned them into astrologers until the Renaissance. Much of the responsibility lies with the idiotic print and electronic media, who daily promote this nonsense ,either to increase readership or out of sheer ignorance. Nowadays journalists are mostly Arts types with absolutely no understanding of the sciences.

Just look at the Ulama to understand the situation, as to what what happened to Islamic Science 1, years ago. They all are depending on the Infidel inventions and developments. NV, Let us not forget the apparently rational Ranil and the visibly superstitious MR, who both think Indian gods are better than local ones.

The pseudo-sciences like astrology will continue to thrive as long as the people are not courageuos enough to take their destiny on to their own hands. In order to convince a believing follower of the validity of astrology, all you need is a vaguely constructed reading or a prediction among a list of ten that they may interpret as being accurately told. Whenever such readings are subjected to any rational or scientific scrutiny, these are badly exposed for what they really are.

He was arrested by police according to medi. No, I was not aware. Unfortunately the Sangha is not centrally organised and controlled like the Churches, so there is nobody to discipline him. I have always thought that there will be no solution to these problems until monks are registered in some way. The court of public opinion is not strong enough to run the bugger out of town. If you observe the Sangha carefully the members of the governing body is least interested in an orderly behaviour of its members.

Instead they are only interested in what benefit them and how they can wield power over elected governments. Native, I think you are stretching it a bit from governing body to State to sovereignty. Paul — I have had no problem with majority of the monks whom I have met in my lifetime. In fact they do not mix their vocation with cheap politics of the politicians.

They shun publicity and provide lot of service to the people. It is not severance of the placenta but severance of the umbilical cord. Anyway, that is a minor point.

16th August 1858: Queen Victoria sends the first transatlantic telegram

The major point is this: I know a couple whose marriage was arranged by the elders. They checked with several astrologers to find out if the horoscopes matched. So the marriage took place amidst a large gathering and that happened more than 20 years ago. They have three offspring. I met the husband recently and he told me that despite what the astrologers had stated, he and his wife were really an incompatible pair in almost all respects.

He gave just three examples — He was an atheist but his wife was extremely pious; he hated travelling but his wife loved to go on trips regularly; he was very fond of sex but his wife was not at all interested in sex! So much so for astrology and matching horoscopes! Experts led from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany sampled DNA from the teeth of likely plague victims from centuries-old cemeteries across the continent.

Colin Mawdsley said he suffered a broken rib after the car crossed the road in front of him and sent him flying in Sheffield. But a band of cheeky squirrels quickly went to show him how it's done by jumping behind the lens themselves. The Danish royal, 47, wore a long white dress, with frill detail on the chest and arms - accessorising it with a black belt, for the second stop of her three-day visit to the French city. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, 48, sported a beige boat neck top and matching trousers as she arrived for the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support conference in Amsterdam.

Debbie Bond, 58, from Cheltenham said she found Collie and Springer Spaniel cross puppy Charlie 'screaming in terror' after getting a large terracotta pot stuck over his head. The decision to walk away comes less than a month after the surprise move. Twitter account Fesshole, run by Rob Manuel from the UK, encourages people to anonymously admit to any wrong-doings.

One told how he ate a packet of doughnuts but blamed it on the dog.

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The mother fox had chosen the deck as her den, where she gave birth to her litter who were around four weeks old when found. At the end of the video the mother can be seen collecting her young from a box that Brad left them in by the house. She then carries them away one by one across the road. A documentary due to be broadcast in Italy on Tuesday night will throw into question the manner of the death of popular cyclist Marco Pantani.

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Melissa Conlon, 40, from Wymondham, Norfolk, had always hated the school run in the morning because it meant leaving her daughter Elsie, six, shaking and sobbing at the school gates. The Tokyo-based tech giant confirmed its PlayStation will be launched by December next year. The company filed a patent looking suspiciously like a console earlier this year pictured. Jersey Lockwood, pictured 11, from Northumberland, was attempting a cooking tutorial which involved covering a balloon in chocolate.

As Jersey was in the process of covering a balloon with chocolate in order to create an edible bowl, the balloon dramatically burst, resulting in chocolate being splattered all over the kitchen and on her shocked face. Craig Iles, 59, was involved in the collision with a cyclist coming the other way in Cable Street, London. The father-of-two was cycling home from work in Canary Wharf to his home in south London. When Paul Lavery, 29, brought Harlso into his Belfast home, he had no idea of the hidden talent the Dachshund had.

The video shows him balancing tiny shoes, a globe, and macarons on his head. They are on their hands and knees as they scramble through the small gap, leaving staff stunned in disbelief. One woman has to use the shop's anti-theft system to help her up off the floor, while a man grabs hold of a trolley to assist him. And an elderly customer appears to get stuck on his knees as others barge past him without helping.

Trevor Harrison far right , 33, is yet to be sentenced. Their year-old victim was sprayed in the face with ammonia, pulled to the ground and attacked with metal bars and a large knife in the attack on December 8, Dramatic CCTV footage released today showed the chilling moment the thugs burst into the Jubilee Pub left and right , prior to the attack at the Fosse pub top inset , in Newcastle. The attack only ended when people inside the pub heard the commotion and came outside to chase away the gang, who then smashed the windows and fled in a van.

The victim, now 33, was taken to hospital with a number of serious injuries including a fractured skull caused by a blow to the head with an axe. The loss of the Richard Mille Tourbillon Diamond Twister - a women's timepiece viewed as high end jewellery - comes during an explosion of similar crimes in the French capital.

The footage, taken by an audience member during a dance show in South Africa, shows the father-daughter duo expertly take on the beautifully choreographed routine. It begins with them standing at either end of the stage and performing synchronized somersaults before the little girl wearing a yellow dress runs across the stage and jumps into her father's arms as he lifts her up into the air.

At one point the father breaks off on his own performing a series of pirouettes, causing the crowd to laugh and cheer. Mutiny on the fjords! The roar No. Defence contractor, 49, 'who had a grudge against British authorities and used his photographic memory to steal UK state secrets that he passed to hostile foreign governments in revenge plot' is charged under Official Secrets Act Simon Finch pictured , 49, of Swansea, South Wales, is accused of a 'damaging disclosure' of defence information in October last year, Scotland Yard said.

Click through today in pictures Kate shares details about her 'dress of dreams'. Next Previous. Is it YOU? White House says it will NOT cooperate with impeachment probe but stops short of daring leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to hold a full vote authorising investigation The White House told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday that it would not be participating in her impeachment inquiry and would not comply with congressional subpoenas. Ben Stokes's wife laughs off 'crazy' claims over photos of cricketer 'choking her' at awards bash as she posts joke tweet of herself squishing his face and slams 'idiots' trying to 'ruin her birthday' Ben Stokes's wife has laughed off claims that the cricketer angrily 'choked' her at an awards ceremony last week - saying the couple's antics were just a way of showing affection.

BBC presenter Professor Alice Roberts can't understand her nine-year-old's homework about 'fronted non-finite clauses' - and it has baffled professors, linguists and editors too BBC presenter and professor Alice Roberts, from the UK, shared a photo of her nine-year-old's homework on Twitter - and it has since left other academics baffled.

Sark police chief says his tiny Channel island - with population of just - is 'awash' with crooks PC Mike Fawson says the idyllic Channel Island of Sark is over-run with offenders, and officers need weapons including batons to deal with them. Boris Johnson's mission impossible: PM announces last-gasp visit to Dublin to see Leo Varadkar and keep Brexit agreement ALIVE after saying furious bust-up with Angela Merkel meant deal was off the table Boris Johnson left plans to visit Irish leader Leo Varadkar inset in a bid to convince the premier to hammer out viable deal, after they had a 'constructive' lengthy telephone call this afternoon.

If Boris Johnson's Brexit deal is dead - what would happen next? Three weeks of chaos which will almost certainly lead to a general election before Christmas Boris Johnson 's hopes of striking a new Brexit deal with the EU were dashed today after a furious early morning phone call with Angela Merkel. Now our TOILET PAPER supplies are under threat from a No Deal Brexit as a top manufacturer warns that panic buying and border delays could wipe out stocks if the UK crashes out Essity, which makes the Velvet and Cushelle brands said it was developing 'robust contingency plans' across its supply chain to cope with no deal, but warned stocks were 'not unlimited'.

Parliament is prorogued… and this time it's definite!

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Ceremony shuts down Commons and Lords until Monday's Queen's Speech 13 days after MPs were forced back to work when government lost Supreme Court battle MPs were summoned to the Lords chamber at Westminster this evening pictured 13 days after they returned to work when Boris Johnson's attempted five-week suspension was ruled unlawful. Great British Bake Off favourite Henry sends viewers wild after mistakenly telling Paul Hollywood to 'shut up' after being given the judge's coveted handshake Great British Bake Off left viewers in hysterics tonight after the show's popular Henry Bird main was left telling Paul Hollywood to 'shut up' after receiving a handshake from the TV chef.

Ad Feature Too many turmeric supplements to choose from? Could this Cambridge company provide the answer? Is this the answer? Oh, the horror of my hair transplants! When he began to thin on top, Elton John took drastic measures, but as he admits in this hilarious final extract from his memoirs, the result left him looking like he had a dead squirrel on his head Elton Uncensored: 'Tina's tantrum? Police crack UK's biggest ever drugs gang: Thirteen people are arrested after group 'imported 50 TONS of heroin, cocaine and cannabis hidden in children's juice drinks' Police in the UK have arrested thirteen people after a group imported 50 tons of heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

First vaping death in New York confirmed: year-old boy who died after using e-cigs brings US toll to 22 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that a year-old boy from the Bronx died of vaping-linked illness, becoming the first fatality of the state's patients.

Hessy the humpback whale's lifeless body is spotted in the Thames after it swam upriver and died 'from lack of food' The lifeless body of the whale, nicknamed Hessy, was spotted floating in the water near Greenhithe, where it was last seen alive.

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Police surrender to eco-mob: Brazen protesters hold RAVE beneath Nelson's Column and plant trees next to Big Ben as officers give up trying to turf them off Trafalgar Square roads and admit they've been outfoxed despite arresting over Activists are refusing to leave two-miles of London roads with at least 5, people willing to be arrested by the Met - who are using up to eight officers to pick up and carry each person to a police van. Swampy's back.. Father of British teenager, 19, who was 'run over and killed by US spy's wife' tells how he nursed dying son by roadside as family plead for driver to return to UK to face justice Anne Sacoolas, 42, fled the country after year-old Harry Dunn was killed in a head-on collision with a car that was driving on the wrong side of the road as it left RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

Husband of American woman 'who fled to the U. British scientist who helped discover the first exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star wins the Nobel Prize for Physics Professor Michel Mayor pictured and Professor Didier Queloz, both working in Switzerland, will share the prestigious award with Canadian cosmologist Professor James Peebles.

Shark expert 'squares up' to 12ft beast in stunning images of him swimming with the vicious predators in New Zealand Riley Elliott is determined to challenge society's negative view of the sharp-toothed beast, explaining how it's possible to swim alongside the apex predators by radiating confidence and respect.

Obese man, 44, 'who described himself as a "big cuddly bear" raped woman he met on Match. Zantac is pulled from shelves in the UK: Health officials recall the common heartburn drug over fears it contains a cancer-causing chemical Health officials in the UK have recalled four batches of common heartburn drug Zantac over fears they could contain a cancer-causing chemical.

Indian job applicant is caught out for cheating in a Skype interview - as he tries to LIP SYNC while someone else answers the questions The bizarre clip, which has recently emerged online, shows the Indian man's mouth moving - but not in time with the words. More than Barclays branches will stay OPEN for another two years as bank vows not to close 'last in town' and remote outlets until October - so is your town affected?

Simon Cowell turns Star celebrates his milestone birthday with lavish dinner in Malibu as he parties with glam girlfriend Lauren Silverman and showbiz pals Viagra user says his 'month-long' erection left him impotent after doctors 'mutilated' his penis to fix side effect caused by the drug Nat Thind, of Hampshire, took Viagra in June. Germany warns of repeat of European migration crisis as Greece and Cyprus sound the alarm over resurgence of arrivals from Turkey with a 'lifejacket graveyard' growing in Lesbos Greece and Cyprus have sounded alarms over a resurgence of arrivals from neighbouring Turkey - as a growing pile of life jackets pictured are abandoned by migrants on the Greek Island of Lesbos.

US kidnapper who abducted 26 children on a school bus and buried them alive in ransom plot inspired by scene from Dirty Harry movie before they dug themselves out while the captors took a nap comes up for parole after four decades The mastermind behind the Chowchilla kidnappings, Frederick Woods left , is due to appear before a parole board on Tuesday morning, more than four decades after he abducted 26 school children and their bus driver seen top right before burying them alive in a California quarry.


Real-life Barbie fires back at critics who brand her 'plastic' and 'fake', insisting she has NEVER had surgery - but she admits her husband DID go under the knife to look more like Ken Marcela Iglesias is often called 'fake' and 'plastic', but the Argentina-born, Los Angeles-based mom-of-one said she has never gone under the knife to achieve her human Barbie look. Man, 60, with 'bones coming through the flesh' has mobility benefit cut under PIP system despite suffering from severe arthritis that causes him to fall regularly The man from Birkenhead has been denied the mobility part of Personal Independence Payment PIP.

Retired policewoman, 57, died from rare condition just two weeks after a knee-replacement operation at a private hospital where there is a 'risk of further deaths', coroner rules Mary Chapman, 57, had been discharged from Nuffield Hospital in Chester following the operation but a consultant failed to stress the importance of a follow-up blood test. Turkey fires first shots: Ankara bombs Kurdish supply route ahead of invasion to create a 'peace corridor' along border just hours after Trump pulls US troops - as president reveals he has invited Erdogan to the White House next month Turkish officials have confirmed the country's air force bombed a Kurdish border crossing between northern Syria and Iraq overnight on Monday in preparation for a military assault.

UK warns Turkey it will 'oppose' any invasion of northern Syria in the wake of the US troop pull-out ordered by Donald Trump that leaves its former Kurdish allies facing a brutal assault Foreign Office Minister Andrew Murrison said Britain would 'oppose' any military incursion by its Nato ally in the wake of the widely-criticised American pull-out.

Jeffrey Epstein knew about his arrest in July reveals his butler, who says the paedophile called to tell him the news before FBI agents seized him at airport Jeffrey Epstein knew that federal agents were preparing to arrest him when he returned to the United States back in July. Ancient Mayans created their own 'climate change' 1, years ago and 'caused the droughts that wiped them out' Researchers from the University of Texas have used aerial scans and images of land in Belize to find Mayan farmers produced methane and CO2 by expanding wetlands.

Tiffany removes tweet showing model Sun Feifei covering one eye after Chinese consumers accused the jeweller of supporting the Hong Kong protesters Angry Chinese buyers believed it was a deliberate echo of the pose adopted by Hong Kong's pro-democracy demonstrators to denounce police violence in the semi-autonomous city.

RIP iTunes: Apple kills its music-subscription service after 16 years in latest Mac update and replaces it with three separate apps for music, films and podcasts Say goodbye to iTunes and hello to a new trio of apps. Send us your videos. Most Shared Right Now. Inflammation may be main driver of autism, find scientists who studied the brains of eight children on the spectrum who had died.

First vaping death in New York confirmed: year-old boy who died after using e-cigs brings US toll to Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

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Ad Feature. Seven escorted off easyJet flight after it was forced to make emergency landing. Shocking moment man 'stabs' woman brawling in the street in east London. Little girl says f-word instead of 'fork' when describing how to eat her pasta. Puppy found alive in rubble one month after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas.

Couple's balloon gender reveal goes hilariously wrong as they fail to pop it. How adorable! Dog gently strokes kitten on the head while it has a bath. Awkward moment NRL player wrongly told he's about to win medal for best player. Four Royals feature narrate the first Royal advert for mental health campaign. Hull Fair ride has closed and emergency services are at the scene. Police lead blindfolded and shackled men in a transfer of inmates in Xinjiang.

Horse-rider, 15, left with half her jaw hanging off by the skin in horrific accident gets her face rebuilt after 'one of the worst injuries doctors had ever seen outside of a war zone' Emily Eccles left , a high school student, smacked into a gatepost while riding near Baslow, Derbyshire, in August. Syrian man hijacks a truck and ploughs into cars in Germany, injuring nine people before shouting 'Allah' as police probe 'terror attack' A hijacked lorry slammed into nine cars and left seven people injured in hospital during a suspected terror attack in Germany on Monday evening.

Painting black cows to look like zebras dramatically reduces the amount of horsefly bites they receive, researchers find Japanese black cows attracted only half as many flies when they were painted black and white such as the cow in the main image , an experiment carried out in Japan showed some cows were painted like zebras, top left; others given less striking black stripes, centre left; and some left unaltered, bottom left. No dad bod here! Stripper fights back tears as she is found guilty of glassing Neighbours star Scott McGregor in a nightclub An exotic dancer who hurled a glass at the face of Neighbours star Scott McGregor in a Gold Coast strip club has been found guilty of assault.

Criminal behaviour! Gucci is mocked for launching leather ankle bracelet that looks like an electronic tag for offenders Gucci has been mocked after debuting a leather ankle bracelet from its new collection that's reminiscent of an electronic tag. A royal family affair! Former British soldier becomes the first person to row solo across the world's most dangerous stretch of water and declares - 'this was the toughest thing I've ever done' Jordan Wylie, one of the stars of C4's Hunted and Celebrity Hunted, rowed across the pirate-infested Bab-el-Mandeb Strait from Djibouti to Yemen, on a gruelling journey that took him over 13 hours.

Promising rally car driver, 21, who was more than twice the legal limit is fighting driving ban because he claims he only drove on private land and 'another driver' took over Alexander Vassallo was more than twice the legal limit when he got behind the wheel of a BMW in Hexham, Northumberland on June 22 last year. Blow for Jeremy Corbyn as his key ally Karie Murphy is OUSTED as his chief of staff after clashing with senior shadow ministers including John McDonnell Karie Murphy, the Labour leader's chief of staff, is understood to be moving to the party's headquarters to lead its digital campaigning ahead of the widely anticipated general election.

Mike Tindall becomes latest member of the royal family to join Instagram as he shares unseen photographs with his wife Zara and actor James Nesbitt Retired English rugby player Mike Tindall, 40, shared a snap of Zara practicing her clay pigeon shooting skills, and another of the couple at a recent Land Rover charity event. Instagram rolls out a battery-efficient 'dark mode' on iOS and Android that turns your interface black Android users have been able to scroll their feeds using the new design for a few days, but this is the first time the feature is available on Apple's iOS, which recently introduced system-wide dark mode.

Ancient curse urging the gods to strike down a famed dancer is deciphered from a Greek tablet dating to AD The writing on the tablet was translated by historian Attilio Mastrocinque, of the University of Verona in northern Italy, using an imaging technique that can highlight surface features. Headteacher BANS parents taking mobile phones into the playground - to stop them ignoring their children at home time Wendy Cathie, a mother-of-three, and headteacher at St Peter's CE Primary School, Leigh, in Manchester, announced the new rules on social media at the weekend.

Bridesmaids are mocked for wearing dresses that resemble 'garbage bags' and BLUE sneakers - with one joking it must've been the 'sweatiest wedding ever' Social media users have mocked a photograph posted to Reddit, which shows four bridesmaids from the US wearing black shiny dresses. October 7, Natural Skin Care As Spring temperatures soar and clothing is October 6, Three Signs Telling Your October 5, Holy Guacamole! How is it that we detest every article of August 20, 10 Tips For Those March 21, Is Your Image Holding I can spot a woman who lives with the fear February 28, Powerful Tips for Power September 26, The link between A top cosmetic surgeon shares his view on Naomi McCullum is a trail-blazer in the September 12, The Role Of Prebiotics From kombucha to capsules to snacks, the Dr Steven Liew is a leading authority in August 29, Leading Dermatologist

daily telegraph sydney horoscopes Daily telegraph sydney horoscopes
daily telegraph sydney horoscopes Daily telegraph sydney horoscopes
daily telegraph sydney horoscopes Daily telegraph sydney horoscopes
daily telegraph sydney horoscopes Daily telegraph sydney horoscopes
daily telegraph sydney horoscopes Daily telegraph sydney horoscopes

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