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So, what about when you notice something in your chart that isn't totally satisfying? Those who are already acquainted with the 12 houses of the Zodiac know this feeling well. Each house is associated with an area of your life, such as romance, family, or work, and we use the planets' placements across the houses to inform our understanding of them.

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Having chatty Mercury in the 10th house of career , for example, is totally different from having disciplinarian Saturn in the same place. As important as each house of the Zodiac is, it's not uncommon to find that, in your particular birth chart, some of your houses have no planetary placements at all. As you can guess, this discovery is far less satisfying than, say, learning about your rising and moon sign.

An "empty house," as it's known, can be baffling to anyone who isn't a seasoned astrologer, but it isn't a cause for alarm. First of all, an empty 10th house shouldn't be taken as a sign that your professional life is doomed or nonexistent — you could be gainfully employed your entire working life with nary a planet in the 10th house.

That said, your career probably isn't the focus of your life.

The planets' positions in the houses can imply what sort of friendships or jobs we'll have, but, more generally, they reveal where we will focus most of our energy. In other words, if your 10th house is actually home to several planets, you may have some workaholic tendencies. An empty fourth house can be even more alarming, given its "foundational" placement on your birth chart it's literally positioned at the bottom of the Wheel. Plus, it represents the role of family and the home in your life, which many people naturally value.

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Again, you don't need to worry about dying alone due to a lack of planets in the fourth house. Rather, family planning probably isn't a huge hangup for you — for the most part, you have that part of your life figured out. So, don't panic over an empty house — but don't dismiss it, either. Just because you have an empty 10th house doesn't mean you're a slacker. Lucky for you, it probably means you won't have to face many challenges or dramatic shifts in your career path. And even if your fourth house is empty, you could have extremely strong bonds with your parents.

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You may even have an easier time maintaining those bonds than most. It's the houses that contain planets that will demand most of your attention.

Once you get more familiar with your houses and their respective planetary guests, an empty house will seem less like something you've been excluded from and more like a non-issue. If anything, it'll be a welcome break from all the cosmic noise emanating from elsewhere in your chart.

It also makes sense that I fall victim to impulsive spending shout-out to my unnecessary — but also necessary — shoe purchase a week ago. A quick word on your rising sign. Many astrologists say this one is your third most important placement, after your sun and moon signs. As mentioned, your ascendant represents your public identity. It can often manifest in your clothing or really any decisions related to your outward-facing identity such as hair color, piercings or overall style.

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It also might symbolize how you respond to your immediate surroundings and your attitude towards everyday life. Some argue that planets are even more important than houses. In the process of their orbits, planets move in and out of the zodiac constellations, lingering in some much longer than others, depending on the speed and size of their orbits.

Which planets are in which constellations? The answer will help you read into your personality even more. Mercury, Venus and Mars are called the inner planets due to their changeability and closeness to Earth. For that reason, precision with your birth place and time is far more important for these. The signs that fall within the inner-planet placements dictate your core personality traits, needs and desires.

For instance, those with earth signs in Mercury Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo will likely be very reasonable, observant people. Those with air signs in Mercury Gemini, Aquarius, Libra are most effective communicators when writing and public speaking. Fire signs in Mercury Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are passionate and sometimes hot-headed in arguments. Water signs in Mercury are highly emotional and likely to avoid confrontation. It speaks to the ways in which you express affection, what you look for in a partner and generally what you find attractive.

Mars is the planet of conflict, aggression and action. It represents the physical expression of your initiative and drive — often applicable to both your sex life and ambition in business — and speaks to the ways you channel desire and anger, particularly for those with fire signs in Mars. My Mars placement often reminds me to reflect before I act and channel the balance-seeking energy of the Libra sign. My Virgo Mercury placement, on the other hand, seems to speak to a detached nature — like my hatred of small talk, maybe.

The outer planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto RIP — have the longest and widest orbits, which makes them generational placements. The longest an outer planet will stay in the same sign is about 15 years. Uranus rules change, Neptune rules dreams, Pluto rules power. Your placements can suggest what you work towards in these areas throughout your life.

The 12 Astrological Houses: Interpreting Your Birth Chart Beyond the Zodiac

Feel free to use that as a counter-argument the next time someone tells you millennials are useless. Jupiter and Saturn are sometimes called the social planets because their orbits are wider and longer than those of the inner planets, but smaller and shorter than those of the outer planets. They represent and influence how people relate to society. Jupiter is the planet of luck, education and growth. The Jupiter placement is also seen as very philosophical and might indicate how you feel about religion.

The Planets

Saturn is is all about limitations and boundaries. The Saturn placement can help reveal what you need to overcome and the restrictions you might encounter along the way — especially earlier in life. An analysis of my Saturn placement, Pisces, known for its isolationist tendencies, might encourage me to take more risks with collaboration. A truly comprehensive and in-depth birth chart interpretation requires research, instinct, time and resources. The details are important — even twins may find that some placements can shift within minutes. It is important to remember, though, that these charts are designed to provide descriptions and possibilities, not absolutes.

Astrology should be used as a tool to enhance our lives, not dictate them. The Repeller Store Is Open! X Icon. Follow us. Callie Ahlgrim.

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The Sun Sign. Callie Ahlgrim is an editorial journalist and freelance writer, currently based in New York City.

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